Filming assistant

Stage hands for events

Ephemeral assemblies


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08020 Barcelona



::: Loading and unloading ::: Assembly and dismantling ::: Helpers of atrezzo ::: Forklift operators ::: Runner ::: Professional sound ::: Light assistant ::: Filming assistant ::: Production assistant ::: Emergeny Operations and Evacuation Plan :::




BARCELONA KAIZEN TEAM offers the following services:

• Professionals of loading and unloading, assembly and dismantling and helpers of atrezzo.

• Forklift operators. Runner.  

• Other specialized services, such as production assistant.


Emergeny Operations and Evacuation Plan (PAU - Decret 30/2015 and Decret 112/2010).

Consultant on risk prevention.

Our team is made by different kind of professionals always willing to make an impeccable and efficient job.

We have created a productive operating environment, building reliable teams and ensuring the good results. In case of disagreement, we guarantee its resolution.