Filming assistant

Stage hands for events

Ephemeral assemblies


93 266 47 01

72 210 99 88

Gran Via, 1176 bis  1º 2ª

08020 Barcelona


::: Loading and unloading ::: Assembly and dismantling ::: Helpers of atrezzo ::: Forklift operators ::: Runner ::: Professional sound ::: Light assistant ::: Filming assistant ::: Production assistant ::: Emergeny Operations and Evacuation Plan :::




Our name has not been chosen randomly, each word has a meaning for us:

• BARCELONA. Our city, always linked to art and culture.

• KAIZEN. The way we love to work.

• TEAM. The way we love to work.

Behind this name, maybe a bit complicated, we have reunited a group of professionals who know all the work that has to be done “behind the scenes”, usually hard and tedious, but absolutely indispensable for a project to became a success.

Always with illusion: contributing to professionalize and dignify the public sector and the fitter occupation.

Our proximity with the customer helps us improve the service in every kind of work.

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